July 14, 2012 – James O’Kon, “The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology” and Don Daniels, “Evolution Through Contact”

By Barb Adams

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Hour 1:  James O’Kon

Joining Amerika Now during the first hour of the show is author, lecturer, award-winning structural engineer, and Archaeo-engineer James O’Kon discussing his latest book, The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology.

James has explored and researched Maya technology for 40 years, and has combined his talents as a forensic engineer with archaeological field survey evidence to uncover the veil over the lost technology of the Maya.  In 1995, James surprised the archaeological community with his discovery of a lost landmark of Maya engineering, the long-span Maya suspension bridge at the Mayan city of Yaxchilan, considered to be the longest bridge in the ancient world.

The Maya have been an enigma since their discovery in the mid-19th century.  Archaeologists have long-recognized the scientific accomplishments of the Maya, including their written language, their complex mathematical system that recognized the concept of zero, and their astronomical knowledge that included mapping the heavens and development of a calendar that is more accurate than our modern calendars.  However, many have overlooked the engineering and technological advances of the Maya civilization.  The advanced technologies of the Maya were developed and applied while Europe was still in the Dark Ages.

Jim will discuss many of these technical developments of the Maya, including the fabrication of tools that are harder than iron; the invention of high-strength durable materials of construction; the development of the Maya arch as a structural mechanism to create multi-story and clear-span structures; and advanced water management methodologies that permitted the Maya urban civilization to survive in a seasonal desert environment.

For more information on James O’Kon, please visit his website at www.theoldexplorer.com.

Hour 2:  Don Daniels

Joining the show during the second hour is author and commercial airline pilot Don Daniels to discuss his book, Evolution Through Contact.

Don has had a series of UFO/ET encounters, and as a result of these encounters, embarked on a spiritual and philosophical quest that resulted in enlightenment about our place in the Universe and where humanity is headed.

While most commercial airline pilots choose to stay silent regarding UFO sightings and/or ET contact, Don is definitely not one of them!  Don will talk candidly about his journey from curiosity to experience to understanding.  From his experiences with Dr. Stephen Greer and CSETI to his descriptions of contact and communication, Don provides an interesting mix of humorous, philosophical, and inspiring stories and commentary that are sure to capture the attention of the listeners.

If you’ve ever wondered what you should do if you are psychotronically attacked or what ET communication is like, Don has the answers.  Don will also talk about what it’s like being a commercial airline pilot for one of the major airlines who has spoken out about his experiences.

For more information about Don Daniels, please visit the website www.evolutionthroughcontact.com.

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