January 14, 2012, Dr. Eileen Silva, “Can The Stock Market Affect Your Health?” and Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, “Dreamed Up Reality”

By Barb Adams

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Hour 1:  Open Phone Lines w/Barb Adams

HOUR 2:  Dr. Eileen Silva    and     HOURS 3-4:  Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

Joining the show during Hour 2 is Dr. Eileen Silva, N.D., Ph.D., CTN, who is considered to be the leading body chemistry correction expert.  Dr. Silva is a veteran of media appearances for over 20 years, and has shared her special strategies and tips with millions of people worldwide.  Dr. Silva has discovered the keys to real health and longevity as a result of overcoming her own health challenges.

Dr. Silva will be discussing today’s health challenges, especially in relation to the stresses we all face on a daily basis.  Of particular concern these past several years are the additional economic and financial stresses placed upon many people by the stock market, which can affect health.

Dr. Silva is a doctor of naturopathy, with a practice in metabolic health, weight, and body balancing.  As CEO of Hegan Center, Dallas, Texas, she has trained and certified medical doctors and chiropractors for over 14 years.  Her innovative wellness techniques have been used to help thousands of individuals achieve weight loss and better fitness.  Additionally, her methods provide enhanced energy, weight balance, and longevity to professionals in corporate wellness programs.  She is an active member of various associations, including the American Naturopathic Medical Association and National Speakers Association.

Eileen has authored several books, including A Healthier You, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Billy Blanks, and Fat Chance At Last:  How to Go Beyond Willpower.  She also writes a monthly magazine column, has been featured on both radio and television, and is a frequently quoted expert in such magazines as Money, Women’s World, and Fit for Women.

For additional information on Dr. Eileen Silva, please visit her websites at:

www.dreileensilva.com and www.firstfitness.com


HOURS 3-4:  Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

Joining Amerika Now during hours 3 and 4 is Dr. Bernardo Kastrup discussing his book, Dreamed Up Reality.

Does your brain filter reality through a maze of genes and ancient social patterns?  Engineer and researcher Dr. Bernardo Kastrup has made surprising forays into the unconscious.  Through a method he calls “subjective exploration,” Dr. Kastrup has discovered that our perceptions of reality are based on synchronized, shared sets of cognitive models and expectations, partly social and partly in our genes.  He suggests that some sciences, including even the laws of physics, may be emergent byproducts of such synchronization of thoughts.

Through his book, Dreamed Up Reality, Dr. Kastrup lays out scientific evidence that spiritual practices disrupt and bypass the filtering mechanism of the brain–in fact, he posits that humans have historically developed and enhanced the richness of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions by devising ways to loosen the straitjacket of consciousness imposed by genomic evolution.

His hypothesis of reality also explores dreams, which he believes are autonomous manifestations of our psyche, and that reality is an externalized combination of the subconscious dreams of us all, as projected onto the fabric of space-time.

“Our culture may be lost in a collective daze induced by survival mechanisms built right into the animal body eons ago.  As we move into an epigenetic landscape governed and driven by ideas–not genes–we have an opportunity to transcend the primate body and experience the truly unfathomable reality operating inconspicuously right under our noses.  There lies the human soul, the universe itself, in its most naked and radiant glory.” – Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo Kastrup has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and has worked as a scientist in some of the world’s foremost research laboratories, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the “Casimir Effect” of Quantum Field Theory was discovered).

An entrepreneur and founder of two high-tech businesses, Dr. Kastrup has authored many scientific papers.  Currently, he is an executive in one of the world’s most influential technology companies.  He resides in the Netherlands.

For more information about Dr. Kastrup and his research, please visit his website at:



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